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Summer Camp: July 20th


Some nudgers I use to get myself settled down to spend time with children's book project.

My Space:  Sometimes I set up my space so that I know I will really enjoy my time working. I often work in a hammock on my porch in the Adirondacks. I say I will let myself have this amount of time to work on a specific part of my project. It feels indulgent, but it's also keeping me focused on my work.

Entertainment: Sometimes I need something to keep me still for a bulk of time to work on something. Coloring my work can take a day. Often I set myself up with a podcast marathon to keep me company while I stay focused on my project. 

Some of my favorites: 

Serial Season 1

Serial Season 2

Onbeing with Krista Tippet—A few of my favorite episodes:

Nadia Bolz-Weber

Greg Boyle

Brené Brown

This American Life


Radiolab | Brooklyn, NY 

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