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Getting Pitch Ready Day Eleven: Researching Submission Guidelines

Look up your five publisher's websites and see what their submission guidelines say. If you don't see the guidelines directly on the website you can google the publisher's name plus submission guidelines. Click here for a link to Chronicle's submission guidelines.





Here is another link to a Chronicle Books Blog about getting published.


Chronicle Books accepts unsolicited manuscripts. They want a paper dummy, not an electronic file. So what I showed in the dummy section of this course would be completely appropriate to send to them. 


Another source for submission guidelines is the Children's Writers and Illustrators Market, which is published every year. It is a very good resource. It lists submission policies for the publishers listed. 


Many publishers will only look at work that comes through an agent. If that is the case with your publishers, just glean whatever info you can from their submission guidelines, especially how they like to accept material. 





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