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Introducing Kristen Balouch’s new fabric company and first collection Lumpy Garden!


Lumpy Garden 100% organic cotton will be available in July 2020 from Check boutique fabric stores near you.



Good To Bee Wax Wraps

Just as nature wraps food with a breathable skin or peel so GoodToBee wraps and bags do the same. Keeping food fresh and our planet beautiful too.


It was an honor to be interviewed by William Harvey

at the Harvey in Williamsburg.

Here is the podcast. 

Super excited to announce Little Blue Mushroom Boutique Literary Agency! Representing poetic thinkers & illustrators!

This new course ran in April! It's Marketing your children's books— Illustrator style.


Check Little Blue Mushroom for more info! 


Tiptoe over quietly to see Lion the benevolent, Unicorn of luck, and Dragon who holds the key. Deep in the Enchanted Kingdom, this gentle menagerie lives and plays peacefully among mushrooms, clover, and wildflowers.


Enchanted Kingdom 100% organic cotton will be available in June from Birch Fabrics. Check your boutique fabric stores or get your yardage online at



Folkland fabric collection of organic cotton available at:


Folkland is Kristen’s debut collection with Birch Fabrics. Amiable bunnies hop over winged unicorns and doting fairies while fox, chipmunk and mouse whisper of fields peppered with blossoms, mushrooms
and rooted four-leaf clovers. There is room for you too in this soft, earthy, enchanted world. 



Whimsical Peacock in the Garden, Whimsical Whale in the Sea, Whimsical Fox in the Meadow Canvas Wall Art all available at:

Available in different sizes of: 36 x 12, 54 x 18, and 72 x 24

Also available to be framed for size: 36 x 12

A one-of-a-kind fox for a one-of-a-kind nursery! Let this woodland creature add some cheery playfulness to your decor and shop more unique animal artworks by Kristen Balouch

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