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Getting Pitch Ready Day Thirteen: A Pretty Package

This is what a slush pile looks like.

So, how to stand out in a pile like this?

A pretty package: 

that is lovingly made,

that reflects you,

that is clean and easy to read and open.


Here are examples of mail art. I would only use your own work so that it reflects your illustration. The design of the envelope could relate to the story, but could also just show a bit more of you.

Make sure your address is legible, follows postal standards, and is packaged with stiff board so not to get mangled in the mail.

If you want to add things like string or tags you could put the whole package into a transparent envelope.

I used to hand stitch my packages or form them on a sewing machine. It makes it easy to form a structure out of paper or board. Shown here is blanket stitch.

Make it pretty, but make it pretty with your artwork. And make it easy to open. | Brooklyn, NY 

© 2018 by Kristen Balouch

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