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Getting Pitch Ready Day Five: More Dummy Examples



I often work simultaneously on a physical dummy and a pdf file of the entire book.I simply photograph each page of the physical dummy with my phone, open the photographs in preview program on a mac, organize the order of the pages, and save as a pdf. Here is an example of a recent project below. Visually, this is in pretty good shape to pitch to a publisher. I would finish three illustrations so that the editor could envision the competed book. The issue with this dummy is that the story isn't quite there yet. I will keep working on it until I feel the story is more developed. What I think are strong elements of the book are the big bug sketches, and using a clock to emphasis time passing over the course of the day. | Brooklyn, NY 

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The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice


In the video below is an example of a dummy I made in 2003 for The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice. This is the actual dummy I used to sell this book. My daughter got ahold of my dummy and added her drawings. I don't recommend pitching a dummy to an editor like that. But I was in a casual meeting with this editor. 

The last dummy I show here was just for me to work out the illustration style and not for show. It would have terrified the editor or publisher to see my ideas all over the place, but still it was necessary for my process. 

book dummy

book dummy

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