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Summer Camp: July 13th

We will have our first group chat on Friday July 27th at 11 am eastern time. Next Friday July 21st will be individual calls with he same time slots from last week.

If you need to schedule a different time email me at

The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice


Here is an example of a dummy I made in 2003. This is the actual dummy I used to sell this book. The dummy I show here is what I used to sell this book in 2003. My daughter got ahold of my dummy and added her drawings. I don't recommend pitching a dummy to an editor like that. But I was in a casual meeting with this editor. She practically had to pry it out of my hands. There are some different uses of dummies. 

1)To formulate the flow of the story.

2)To work out the illustrations.

3)To pitch to a publisher.

4)To work out decision and directions in the book.

5)To proof before printing.

The last dummy I show here was just for me to work out the illustration style and not for show. It would have terrified the publisher to see my ideas all over the place, but still it was necessary for my process. Please email me any questions about your dummies. I am happy to guide you through this process. xo, Kristen

My New Channel

My New Channel

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