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Getting Pitch Ready Day Eight: Your Website Home Page

The first thing an editor will do when they become interested in you is google you. They will look for your website. You have about three seconds to grab their attention. Many Illustrators have a homepage with a flash of their best illustrations. Be sure to show work you love—posting a few great work is better than mixing in mediocre work. 

Here are some websites. First are the darling sites. These sites are not in the above format, but these artists are well known and an art director or editor will more likely spend the time to get to know them. 

One of my favorite artists, but not very practical and clunky navigating is: Sara Fanelli

Another gorgeous site but not that quick to navigate: Anna Juan

Christoph Niemann has lots of things going on in this clear and functional yet not immediately obvious site.


Oliver Jeffers is another artist with lots of resources in this functional site.

Julie Morstad launches her site with this tender image. It creates an experience, but the navigation on the rest of her site isn't great.

Here are a few very functional sites 

One of my favorite book makers: Beatrice Alemagna 

Her website launches with a front page featuring current news before it goes into her website. This is one recommended format. Splash your big news on the homepage and then go on to categories.

Melissa Iwai has a very functional, immediate, practical site. The images are large and easy to read. If you click on the menu you can go into the other pages that are equally easy to read. 

Bethan Woollvin has a great functional site. The loading page is a good indicator of her sense of humor, and then the other pages contain strong imagery presented in a clean and concise. 

Joohee Yoon's website is straight forward and functional.

Good luck with your website. If you feel overwhelmed—keep it simple. The idea is to grab the attention of an art director or editor in three seconds so they get a good idea of who you are.

Lastly, be sure that your website is clean design without extra formatted buttons, titles, or colors. The navigation really should fall away visually so that the only thing left to convey to the user is your work and you. People rave about Square space as a web-hosting platform. I use Wix because you can customize everything.
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