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Getting Pitch Ready Day Ten: Your Online Presence Instagram

Publishing is a little behind other industries in the use of Instagram. However, it's still a good idea to have a solid page of your illustration work including children's book related imagery.

Just a few basics:

Choreograph and design your feed so that it engages at a glance. People often design their feed with a full image next to a less full image—in a checkerboard style pattern.

Use your work and your inspiration in your feed. A few personal photos that inform who you are as a children's book author/illustrator are okay, but don't fill your feed with a lot of personal photos. Here is Mariana's feed. It strikes a nice balance—it contains her illustrations, her illustrations realized in book form, and one photo of her and the baby.

Here is Joohee Yoon's page. Her feed is more than children's books.She has sketchbook pages and images from an event she just did on the bottom left. Photographing events is a good habit to cultivate. 

I love Julie Morstad's work. She has added photos of her subject, sketchbook and work process. | Brooklyn, NY 

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Lastly, follow your publishers and editors on instagram. Like their photos and make encouraging comments so they get to recognize you.

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