Mystery Bottle

ISBN-10: 078680999X    ISBN-13: 9780786809998

Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children

Publication date: 2006

A boy in Brooklyn receives a package from Iran. When he opens up the mysterious bottle that lies within, a great wind transports him over the oceans and mountains, straight into the arms of his grandfather. Despite being separated by politics and geography, the boy and his Baba Bazorg can share an extraordinary gift, the bond of their love.

Awards & Honors:

Ezra Jack Keats Award

Charlotte Zolotow Commended

CCBC Best Book of the Year

Middle East Book Award

Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

Society of Illustrators Original Art Show

"...Delightfully dynamic cut-paper-style illustrations, scattered with cultural details of Brooklyn and Tehran..., Sweet, magical and visually fascinating."


—kirkus review

"...Although grandson and grandfather live far from one another, readers will understand that the bond between the generations conquers any distance." 


—Publisher's Weekly