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A 3 Week Online Course: Writing Books for Children can be done independently with email feedback from Kristen Balouch. This is the only children's book writing course that is designed for illustrators and visual thinkers. The course includes word play, idea generators, and assignments—plus loads of picture book samples. I pooled these ideas from 30 years of experience in the children's book industry. This course will help you create original children's book concepts and flush them out to create a 32 page picture book. Additionally I am available for advice and encouragement along the way.

                — Kristen Balouch (Author & Illustrator)

(This course is a great prequel to Illustrating Books for Children.)


  • Three Writing Lessons From an Illustrators Point of View

  • Three Assignments

  • Writing Prompts and Wordplay

  • Loads of book recommendations


Taught by: Kristen Balouch

  • I’m a children’s book author & illustrator (published since 1999) of over 8 award winning children’s books.

  • I’ve worked with most of the major publishers.

  • I’ve loved and followed the industry for over 30 years.

  • I taught Senior Computer Illustration at Pratt Institute.

  • I’ve worked in-house as a marketing designer for Random House Children’s Books.

  • And I’ve raised two book loving children.

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