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Week Three Assignment: Narrative Story Structure

Your assignment:

Day 1:

Your Wordplay: Make lists! Go through your day thinking about different kinds of lists that you could make. You might even make a list of the lists you want to make.

Day 2: Fill in three to five of your lists from yesterday's wordplay. 

Day 3:

Would any of your lists make for an interesting picture book? Fill in a story clock page with your list. Try a couple of them.

Day 4:

Transfer your favorite story clock into a dummy.

Day 5: 

From this day forward, go through your dummy once a day to change words and images that don't work or fill in words and images that newly occur to you.

Have fun! 


I hope you enjoyed this lesson.



Kristen | Brooklyn, NY 

© 2018 by Kristen Balouch

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