Writing Lesson Week Three: Breaking the Fourth Wall and Narrative Story Structure

Voice and tone can make a children's book fun and delightful. 

This week includes:

• Examples of Lists in Children's Books as a cohesive story structure.

• Examples of voice and point of view

• Examples of breaking the fourth wall.

• Your assignment

How question and answers play into picture book structure. 

cted consequences.

The Storyclock Method

I found this method works nicely for children's books to brain dump your themes, characters and actions so that you can start to organize your storyplot. I've plotted some story favorites for analysis.









The Book Dummy

Once I have an idea of some characters and some actions that will take place in the book I like to move to a book dummy because as you turn through the pages it's obvious what is working and what is not. Each time you turn through a dummy; little changes become obvious and each pass through tightens up the story. My heart does a little dance when the book is working and throws little jabs at me when it's not. (Tip: read to the age appropriate audience for insight on what's working and what is not—it's amazing the clarity that comes to you when sitting with a 4 year old.) I keep reworking my book dummies until they're tight, feel fluent and don't "jab" at me as I read through them.

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