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Week One Assignment: character

Your assignment:

1: Designate a sketchbook, dummies, or layout pages, to capture your ideas through the next 3 weeks. 


2: Create 3-5 characters from your manuscript, nursery rhyme or the theme you want to work with. Make sure the characters relate to each other so they feel like they come from the same world. Consider size, shape, color, scale, style of illustration, expression, accessories, and details. Consider these elements and how they work with a single character and how the range of characters relate to one another. For example consider size in relation to a single character, a bunny who has very good hearing may have very large ears, or very small ears if you want to be ironic. But then how does the size of that bunny or the size of those ears relate to the rest of the characters in your world.


3: Name your character even if it's something a simple as "Bunny" and come up with one word to describe your character. If you are working from a manuscript write one sentence to describe the tone of the manuscript. If you are working from a theme, name the theme and come up with one word or sentence that describes the tone.  Can the visual tone of your illustration emulate your story's or theme's tone?


4: Make detailed notes of any ideas that surface for your book in your designated spot. 


Posting your work: Please post your progress in the Facebook group and I will create an album on Sunday to post your final illustrations of your characters. You can create one image with all your characters or feature one character per page. Please make sure your name is visible on your work. Write your character's name and one word to describe your character. Write out the name of your manuscript or theme, and your word or sentence to describe it's tone.


Have fun—I cannot wait to see what you come up with! 


I hope you enjoyed this lesson!



Kristen | Brooklyn, NY 

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